Sunday, June 22, 2014

Traditions: Then and Now - Wedding Gifts

Clearing out my emails today and came across a blog article titled "Why We Give Wedding Gifts".  Informative if nothing else, but finding out that Macy's began their bridal registry services in 1924.

Times have for sure changed.  Statistically, more couples have lived together before marriage, and most retailers says that registering for appliances and household goods are down.  Personally, I blame it more on the fact that a Vitamix is $600, and  people aren't comfortable asking someone to buy them a $600 blender.

To view a history of bridal gifting, click here.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Father Of The Bride - Movie

Father of the bride

Father of the bride by lotti

I will admit to enjoying the version with Steve Martin more so that the Spencer Tracy/Elizabeth Taylor version. Both however, rank in my Top Ten Wedding Movies. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Biblical Power Couples: Priscilla and Aquila

Happy Sunday Everyone.  

I skipped church today and slept in.  So as the day has worn on, I've felt inclined to get some bible in my spirit today.  Feeling like I also need to make a blog pot since I haven't in almost a week.  

Thus, I bring you: Power Couples of the Bible. 

Priscilla and Aquila were tentmakers that were exiled under an emperor that decided that all Jewish people were to leave Rome, in the year 49.  

They lived with Paul for 18 months and according to bible scholars were considered a part of the early converts of Judaism to Christianity.  During this time they lived, worked and travel with Paul and are considered as part of the Seventy Disciples.  That is, some of the earlier students of Jesus.

They are both mentioned several times in the New Testament. They are, however,  always mentioned together. Never separately.  Being described as each other mate, friend, partner and companion should be something that every marriage strives for. Inseparable and equal. 

How do you and your mate define your equality with each other?  

Please fee free to comment below.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Manifest Design Jewelry

Are you looking for one of a kind type jewelry for your wedding day?

If so, you should consider Manifest Design

Based in India and established in 2013, siblings Manreet and Samratt created a company that would create one of kind "everyday wearable art".

Each piece is created by initially sculpting it in clay.  It is then cast in brass and aluminum.

Each piece is entirely handcrafted and is not mass-produced.  Because when you think about it, who needs mass-produced jewelry on their wedding day?

You can order the pieces in metals described as Espresso, Goldtone and Silvertone.

Image Credit

Friday, May 30, 2014

Bridal Party Performance - Beyoncé Drunk In Love

This bride and her attendants performed "Drunk In Love" for the groomsmen. 

Would you consider this appropriate?  What about the children that are there?  Would you have stayed and cheered the ladies on or would you have left the room? 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

House of Versace

Planning On Doing Your Own Make-up???

It can be costly to hire a make up artist to follow you throughout your wedding day.  Even if you hire someone to do your make-up before the ceremony, you're bound to need some touch-ups between the end of the ceremony and all the hugs, kisses and well-wishes to follow.

We've found a few "DIY" kits that will make doing you own make-up easy and beautiful

Bare Minerals "I Do" Kit

This kit contains a waterproof mascara, a dual eyeshadow palette in pink and plum, and rosy pink lipstick, a nude pink blush and translucent powder with an SPF 15.  It all comes in a keepsake train case that can be used later for carrying other products or adding to this collection with some other shades you would wear.
Bobbi Brown has a "Here Comes the Bride" article on their site that give step by step instructions for creating the perfect look for your day.  View it here.  The Bright Eyes Palette is a good starting point. 

I think the colors in Deborah Lippman's"Happily Ever After" Collection are perfect for spring and summer weddings.  You can also end your quest to find the "something blue" for the wedding, by using the "Something Blue" polish in this collection.